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Why it is important to use a mobile phone case?



iPhones are getting more and more expensive. It is easy to pay a thousand dollars for a new iPhone. However, mobile phone cases have a low comparative cost. You can get an excellent case for thirty dollars. So you can protect your thousand dollar investment by spending just three percent more for the insurance that a case provides for several years. This is a much lower percentage cost than most people pay for car insurance.

And the insurance a case provides isn't something that will only be used in rare circumstances like fire insurance in Antarctica. iPhones are getting heavier with each new generation which means they are easier to drop. Your mobile phone case will be saving the life of your iPhone frequently.

So what is behind the weight gain in phones? More cameras are getting built-in. Does anyone remember when most cell phones only had one camera? Most iPhones now have three.

It isn't just cameras, either. iPhones have been on a growth spurt. iPhones are getting longer and more comprehensive. They used to fit in any adult's pants pocket. The only way you are doing an iPhone XL into a pants pocket is if you are wearing parachute pants.

Many news outlets have reported the current global computer chip shortage. This shortage affects the microchip inside many devices, including cars, laptops, and mobile phones. So even if you prefer to buy a phone insurance plan from your cellular provider, if you need to use that insurance plan in the next several months, your provider is likely to say that they are out of your phone stock due to the chip shortage. Instead of getting a phone insurance plan from your cellular provider, get a case. It will serve as a hedge against the global chip shortage.


OtterBox is my go-to mobile phone case vendor. They have way more colors than most case manufacturers. How many other vendors offer Marsupial Beige!?! 

They also have more features than most other vendors. The last thing you want in your shiny new case is for it to interfere with your iPhone's innovative MagSafe charging functionality. Unfortunately, many patients do. OtterBox has made sure their cases feature MagSafe compliant materials that won't block your MagSafe recharge.

OtterBox also boasts a variety of case models that come with cardholders. Those who have to rummage through a backpack or purse to find their phone save them from having to search a second time to find cards. This is an excellent combo of functionality from OtterBox.

In addition, OtterBox has an iPhone case model called the Defender that can be used with an OtterBox car windshield mount. This vendor isn't just helping you save wear and tear on your phone. Now they help you save space in your car. 

But don't just take my word for why OtterBox is my fave. Ask corporate I.T. department managers. I've worked for several I.T. departments that kept hundreds of OtterBox cases in their supply room. They distribute it as part of the new employee equipment package and a protective bag for the company laptop.

Why is corporate America choosing OtterBox? They supply business customers just as well as they provide individual customers. Do you need a thousand cases for the new batch of iPhones you will upgrade your employees to? No problem, OtterBox has you covered.

One of the common complaints from customers of other case vendors is the fit. Sometimes vendors will be off on the fit by just a millimeter or two, but it makes a difference. OtterBox works closely with Apple to avoid this. And it shows in the quality of their products.

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