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What's New in IOS14.8?


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iOS 14.8, just released on September 16 of 2021, had already captivated the hearts of gadget lovers across the world. iOS 14 can be compatible with many electronic gadgets, including iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini. New iOS 14 include air quality display options that had already been made utilized in western countries like Norway and Spain. It can help people monitor air quality so that users can make sufficient facilities to reduce the risk of problems due to air pollution. 

Hundreds of people are currently utilizing intelligent home devices and technologies to make their lives go easier. iOS 14 can guarantee you more effortless connectivity with smart devices so that users can assure flexibility in managing the devices in their homes and offices. App library provided by iOS 14 can provide all customers with one-touch access on their mobile phones. It also allows users to save their time by accessing the required apps on the mobile phone with just one click option.

Enhanced home widget option is another prominent feature highlighted by iOS 14. Users can assure enhanced user-friendly interface of the device by utilizing the advanced home widget option of iOS 14. iOS 14.7, released in July 2021, had already grabbed the focus of all eyes. App clips provided by iOS14 assure high flexibility for users in the data management option. Dolby sound with Siri connectivity option allows users to enjoy music files in their high-quality mode option. 

iOS 14 also allow users to connect their smart cards with mobile phones so that the registered users can effortlessly manage their money transaction services. It can save both time and money for the registered users by allowing more accessible access to the transaction records. The car key option provided in iOS 14 can also allow the registered users to lock and unlock the vehicle by using specific mobile phones. Registered users can utilize the iCloud facility of iOS 14 to manage the lock options of cars so that users can assure enhanced comfort options in their life. 

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